Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

MooTools Call to Upgrade

Category: MooTools

A change in Firefox 3.6 has prompted a call to upgrade from the MooTools team. Earlier versions of the library used the document.getBoxObjectFor method for browser detection but as of Firefox 3.6, that method has been deprecated and no longer available: The reason we stress the upgrade to MooTools 1.2.4 and MooTools 1.1.2 is the Read the rest…

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jQuery Bondage

Category: jQuery, Performance

When your browser freezes on you on some random web page, there’s a pretty good chance its caused by the very JavaScript designed to improve your experience. Good ‘ole JavaScript performance. Sebastian Ruiz of Atlassian recently worked on a UI rewrite of two of their products (FishEye and Crucible) and found some interesting solutions to Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:16 am

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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

WebOS Developer Event – Roundup

Category: Mobile

Editor’s Note: Michael did a great job jotting down notes at our developer event in London, and we appreciate him taking the time to do a writeup. Some of the notes have been taken out of context, so we wanted to clarify: We started with a talk on the the future of the mobile Web. Read the rest…

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 3:01 pm

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Ample SDK Goes Open Source!

Category: Announcements, Toolkit, UI

The Ample SDK, a unique GUI toolkit working to create a cross-browser abstraction backed by open standards, has gone open source! With the new 0.8.9 release the GUI framework is now an open-source project licensed under GPL/MIT and hosted on GitHub. More about the Ample SDK: The Ample SDK makes it easy to create interactive Read the rest…

Posted by Brad Neuberg at 8:15 am
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Fast by Default and Web Performances

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Performance

It does not matter if we have the latest CPU able to devour every single bit of a web page, round trip and network delay is still the real bottleneck of whatever website and Steve Souder knows it so well that he summarize best practices in 66 slides. Fast by Default View more presentations from Read the rest…

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Web Inspector gets major improvements

Category: Debugging, Utility, WebKit

Joseph Pecoraro has made some major improvements to Web Inspector. It is now much easier to create and much around with the content. Create new CSS selectors with ease; Add content in-line with elements; see color representations of any value. And, there is more: DOM Storage The DOM Storage DataGrids now displays live updates. You Read the rest…

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Monday, November 2nd, 2009

A State of the Web via October Tweets

Category: Ajax

A lot of great news is coming in via Twitter. I make a lot of Ajax comments under @dalmaer and wanted to give you a roundup on the month of October via Tweets. Always interesting to take a glance at the month. What do you think? Firefox 3.6 beta 1 is here. Full screen video, Read the rest…

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Firefox 3.6 appearance adds a lot of developer features

Category: Browsers, Firefox, Mozilla

Firefox 3.6 is already on the scene with the first beta release. The Mozilla team is moving faster and faster these days which is fantastic to see. At the high level: Users can now change their browser’s appearance with a single click, with built in support for Personas. Firefox 3.6 will alert users about out Read the rest…

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Friday, October 30th, 2009

WebSync: Comet for IIS

Category: Comet

The following is a guest post. If you have something to say to the Ajaxian community, please feel free to either link us to your work, or give us a guest posting that goes into detail! Contact us. My name is Jerod Venema, and I’m excited to write to you about our new Comet server Read the rest…

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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

YUI 2.8.0 now Caja compliant

Category: Library, Security

Caja is one of the most promising attempts to deliver secure web applications not prone to the attacks that normal JavaScript solutions sadly enough allow for. Let’s face it – the concept of global variables and the lack of sandboxed environments in addition to the fun that is browser security holes makes the web as Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 11:48 am

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YQLAutoTagger – making it easier for people to tag their content

Category: JavaScript, Usability

I am right now part of the Stackoverflow DevDays conference tour introducing the attendees to the things Yahoo has to offer for developers. One of the things is YQL as an easy way to use web services. When talking to the Stackoverflow developers they wondered how to make it easier for people to tag their Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 9:10 am
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S2.enableMultitouchSupport = true; // Getting touchy feely with scripty

Category: Prototype, Scriptaculous

Thomas Fuchs has been working with Nokia on their multi-touch API for Qt/WebKit: scripty2 supports multiple API vendors for Multitouch events, and even provides a desktop emulation (click+drag to pan, shift+click+drag to scale and rotate)– so you can try this out even without having multitouch hardware at your disposal. Currently the scripty2 API abstraction event Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:56 am

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Would you like a _ with that $? New library gives JS what it should have

Category: JavaScript, Library

Jeremy Ashkenas and the DocumentCloud team have just released Underscore.js a small library that provides all the functional programming helpers that you expect from Prototype.js or Ruby, but without extending any core JavaScript objects. Jeremy told us: This makes it a natural fit alongside jQuery, without having to worry about the conflicts and redundant functionality Read the rest…

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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

SproutCore 1.0 gets closer; new demos too

Category: SproutCore

SproutCore 1.0 has its first release candidate that you can grab via gem install sproutcore. There are also new demos to play with and other interesting features: Animation Layer I’ve been working on a mixin to add animation to SproutCore views. The current version only works for layout properties, and does not yet work for Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:40 am

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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

JavaScriptMVC 2.0: Major Rewrite, Strong Test Suite Integration and Improved Documentation

Category: JavaScript

The JavaScriptMVC team has announced v2.0, a major update & rewrite to their MVC-based JavaScript framework. The release incorporates several big changes including a rewrite of the library to leverage jQuery’s functionality and style guidelines. For example, if you have a list of entries, you can organize the event handlers like: < View plain text Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 3:00 pm

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BookGlutton: Dojo-driven eBook Reading App

Category: Dojo, Showcase

Aaron Miller and his team have released BookGlutton an online bookstore and social network meant to facilitate social reading. It features a Dojo-driven e-book reading app with chat and annotation, and the store now offers over 500 O’Reilly titles for sale. The site is built using Dojo and PHP and features pagination, real-time chat, group Read the rest…

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